Prior to joining the Healthcare Solutions Team family, Brian began his adult life serving our country in the United States Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. He spent 10 years in the Navy but had his eyes set on being an approach controller in the FAA. He saw that dream slip through his fingers as he reached his 31st birthday and had still not been officially called up to the majors. So he hung up his ATC hat and came back to the States to start anew. 

After arriving back in the U.S. Brian started a small construction company, Prime Development. Buying raw acreage and developing single family housing this venture was very lucrative, but took a sharp down turn in 2008. Shortly then after he had to sell his company and move forward.


Dabbling in insurance off and on for years, Brian finally made it to HST in April 2013. He made his super start and was in the top 100 in the company his first year. He had to take a step back in year 2 to deal with some personal issues but since returning, it has been full throttle ahead. Accomplishing goal after goal and maintaining a solid position amongst the top producers in the company, he earned his partnership in Dec 2015.  If you ask Brian how he has gotten to where he is he will tell you; “I joined HST because the company as a whole is unique in the industry. The level of support given, makes it truly feel as though you are part of a family. You will not feel that anywhere in the nation like you do here at HST STL. Everyone here truly wanted me to succeed!!”

Striving forward and wanting to be a larger part of the greater picture Brian took the next big leap. With the transition of HST STL to Compass Health Consultants he packed up the moving van, pulled up stakes, family, puppies and all and moved to Tampa, Florida. This was the obvious next chapter in Brian’s career with his now Compass Family. Our growth in Florida by this time had been amazing and centralizing the efforts with a new office in Tampa was a dream but also a necessity! With the love and trust of his family, the support of those who got him there and in partnership with his mentor Joe Krivelow the CHC Tampa Office was opened with a blowout party on August 24 2018!


My sales experience and compassion for helping families, individuals and companies find just the right health care insurance coverage for their unique needs, has helped me find great success in the health care business. Through extensive experience and continual training, I am able to navigate through the intricacies of the ever-changing health care insurance laws and guidelines. I also really get to know my clients so I can understand their medical and financial needs and provide them with the very best advice for their situation. I believe that a personalized approach to medical health care insurance is key, and I strive to offer every client the individual care and attention they deserve.