Christina Hessel FOLEY

St. Louis, MO

I joined Healthcare Solutions Team as a health insurance agent after a diverse background in the medical field as an ophthalmic technician, raising 3 children, taking care of my invalid mother and running a home-based business.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit deep within me that drives me to take control of my life and succeed. I have looked at several and worked a home-based business with some success, but it was not what I wanted it to be. I started looking for something else and that is when I found HST.

The combination of working in the medical field and taking care of family member both young and old gives me an ability to truly understand my clients and to provide the most accurate health insurance quotes. I know from first-hand experience that accidents and illness happens when we are not expecting it. I also know that when these things do happen the last thing anyone wants to worry about is “What is this going to cost me?” I believe that a personalized approach to health insurance is key and I strive to give every client the best coverage possible without breaking their bank.”


Outside of work hours I like to ride my bike. I have riden “Ragbrai” the ride across Iowa, “BAM” bike across MO, “Zydeco”, the ride and music festival in LA, the “MS 150” which raises money for MS, and Cancer fund raiser in MO. My husband and I enjoy going to rock concerts, winery’s, gardening and taking care of our home.

“I have always wanted to own a business and to take control of my future but was unsure what I wanted to do and certainly did not have the thousands of dollars it took start up most businesses. Selling insurance was not on my radar, yet after looking at this opportunity and all that Healthcare Solutions Team and Compass Health Consultants offered, here I am. This is where I have achieved the success I always dreamed of, have the support of a team behind me, and the freedom of being self-employed. This is the job that enable me to qualify for free trips around the world and double my income from one year to the next. Healthcare Solutions Team is now my home and I have never been happier.