Cyril Costello

Prior to joining Compass Health Consultants Cyril began his career at United Healthcare working in the small group dept. After a couple years of that he decided to give the sales/planning side a shot. He spent the next 12 years in the life/planning area of the industry, where he was quite successful at mentoring new reps and personal production.

In 2015, after some major shifts in his life, and to have more freedom as a single father, he began the process of building a practice with Compass Health Consultants. “Joining Compass Health Consultants was by far the best professional decision I ever made. This company is unlike any other in the industry. The level of support and goodwill make it a truly unique organization that is truly geared toward the success of everyone.” After making partner in March of 2019, Cyril took his bonus, packed up his daughter and puppy to head to Tampa, FL, where they currently reside.

“My focus is passing on the generosity, patience, and skills that Joe Krivelow, Brian Dixon, and so many others freely gave me. Specifically, I am working to help educate our group to offer life insurance and other products to their practices to ultimately solidify the client/advisor relationship and increase their incomes.”