After college Dan was a successful high level manager in one of the biggest discount chains in the country. Known for taking underperforming stores and completely turning them around by recognizing the potential and developing lines of products to place in those stores. Along the way he earned many rewards and won many contests. In a like manner he worked for several other major retailers and did similar excellent work. Not willing to rest on his achievements He and his wife Truely formed and operated their own photography company and left discount retailing behind. Together they took their start up and developed a very profitable business and after 18 successful years in photography it was time to make a change.

In August of 2014 the decision was made not to retire but to transition into new career. At that point he joined Healthcare Solutions Team. Founded in 2007 and based out of Lombard IL. this organizations has shown excellent growth to one of the largest brokerages in the country. Since his time with HST he has won many bonuses and now is a District Manager and Team Leader and has earned his partnership, Dan is taking his training skills and growing his Team.

HST has over 700 agents and has become part of the National General family of companies. This partnership has made both stronger developing more products and servicing many more clients. 

Dan is licensed in 20 states and lives in Foristell, Mo with his wife Truely. They have two kids and 4 grandkids.

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Not knowing much of the insurance world, it was another challenge I took on. What a blessing I have found with HST. Growing my business,  making more money for myself and my family, and having so much fun along the way. It is the last career I will ever have.