Ghaleb Zayed joined Healthcare Solutions Team in 2007 as a Senior Partner. He has spent the last 14 years helping people navigate the complicated world of health insurance. He joined the Compass Health team in 2016. Ghaleb is licensed in 13 states and is able to provide help to anyone in the country through his team. For Ghaleb, health insurance is personal, and he understands intimately how finding the right insurance plan for you can improve your quality of life. He sees himself as an advisor who works with families, small business owners, and independent contractors to navigate the high cost and confusion of today’s healthcare reform. Ghaleb is also a mentor for new health insurance agents, offering guidance and support to guide them through the health insurance industry. He can help you or someone you know to make effective and sound decisions with health and wealth. Ghaleb also has specialized experience in group health insurance and is skilled at assisting employers with providing insurance benefits to their employers. Whether it is individual, family, or group health insurance, he strives to offer every client the individual care and attention they deserve.