Kent Stansfield

After spending 25 years as a National Accounts Representative within the Consumer Products Industry, Kent entered the insurance world as an independent agent in 2013. He quickly became licensed to sell health and life insurance in his home state of Missouri, and proceeded to obtain non-resident licensing in 15 additional states.

Mr. Stansfield had a very personal reason to get involved in the health insurance business. His son Dylan suffers from Diabetes. There was a point in time when he could not obtain health insurance for his son due to this pre-existing condition, and was paying over $900/month to cover his daily prescription requirements. This resulted in a driving passion towards health insurance and being able to assist others families like his, going through the process of obtaining health care coverage for Preventive Care, along with life-saving treatments and medications.


Kent’s extensive experience and training allows him to understand the intricacies of today’s changing health care insurance laws and guidelines. He also understands the importance of getting to know his clients to determine their individual needs and provide the best health care option for their families. He believes that a personalized approach to medical health care insurance is key, and strives to offer every client the individual care and attention they deserve.

Kent is able to consult with his clients regarding Life, Health, Property/Casualty, Long-term Care, and Disability coverage. He is accredited and has received comprehensive certification in Healthcare Reform as well as all forms of state health care insurance, from individual health insurance coverage to group health insurance plans.