Prior to working with Healthcare Solutions Team (HST) my career was in the electronics/appliance retail business. I started as a teenager, working the warehouse and eventually moved up to sales and design. 

As a single parent raising two young children, I realized the need to pursue a new career path. My goal was to obtain something with more flexible hours and keep the income I had become accustomed to. In 2006 I answered a newspaper ad for an insurance sales job and decided that health insurance was the new career path I was searching for. Driving one hour each way to work, and going from salary to 100% commission doesn’t make sense for many people, but for me and my family, it turned out to be a very good decision. 


Based on my retail background and as I gained more experience, I wanted to be able to offer more than one insurance carrier and/or products to my customers. At that time, I reached out to HST, and began working with them in March 2009.

By September 2011, I achieved $1,000,000 in Paid Sales, which resulted in becoming a Partner at HST. I also earned the following awards throughout my career with HST:

  • Top 5 District Sales 
  • Top In quality of business awards 
  • Top 20 in Sales 
  • MVP award 

Both of my children are grown and graduated college, the youngest Rebecca lives in New Orleans working at a non-profit lawyer office. Justin has joined HST and close to partnership he currently resides in IL. 

In July of 2015, I moved from the home office in Lombard, IL to Sarasota, FL to open and manage our first office in Florida under Joe Krivelow who has been my friend and mentor from the beginning of my HST career. 

I am living the dream!