As a part of Compass Health Consultants, I find it a privilege to serve families and businesses in securing quality health, life and other ancillary products to adequately protect their assets. Our culture is built around always doing what is in the client’s best interest.

My professional career has taken me through many facets of the insurance industry since 1990. This includes claim handling, litigation management and earning my Senior Claim Law Associate designation. After transitioning to sales, I was nationally recognized by UnitedHealthOne as their Platinum Producer of the Year in 2009. This broad experience has allowed me the unique understanding and perspective few brokers can offer their clients.


I can say with confidence that joining Healthcare Solutions Team/Compass Health Consultants in October 2017 was the best move I made in my career. Hard work, focus and a solid team environment helped me earn my partnership in October of 2019.

In an everchanging world one thing that will never become obsolete is exceptional service. Being part of Compass Health Consultants ensures my clients always have access to a variety of products customized to fulfill their needs. It is my belief that having a positive, enthusiastic attitude will allow one to be successful in all aspects of life. Integrity, honesty and hard work will always provide exceptional rewards.