Started 8/15   Partner 11/18

Past Work History– Inside/ Outside Sales, Management, Small business owner Restaurant/Fuel, Franchisee owner 7 locations -Curves Fitness

Reasons for becoming a health insurance agent with Healthcare Solutions and Compass Health-

Continue owning my own business but with the help of professionals to get my business started and ongoing support. No franchise fees for this support.

Offering help to clients; everyone needs health insurance, so large market of prospects.

Flexible Schedule that leaves me time to have a family life.

Reasons for my success –

Support and encouragement from leaders and piers. Training and unlimited resources about the products I represent.

Financial path to success with partnership and yearly bonus. Worked diligently and accepted the get rich slow mindset, accumulating wealth, and client relationships. Did my best and let God do the rest!

Reasons to continue –

Building a monthly residual income for life, which far exceeded my initial expectations.

Owning my own schedule. Friends and relationships that are like family. International trips and rewards.

Helping people with health insurance decisions, brings me a sense of value and purpose to my day.